What is eMap

The Eastern Visayas State University – Tacloban Campus is a huge campus – which simply suggests that it is more confusing and complicated with regards to the rooms, buildings, etc inside the university. Many of the freshmen students in their first day of school are not aware of the venue of their classes since they are still incognizant of the establishments along the school vicinity. Thus, this becomes a reason for them not to attend their classes anymore.

The proponents believe that through the “eMap: Mobile Map Directory of Eastern Visayas State University (EVSU) – Tacloban Campus with Web-Based Management Panel”, we can lessen or even give an end to this problem. This mobile app is basically a map, wherein you can track your current location, browse over the directories of the campus and trace possible routes to your destination inside the university. And to satisfy the users more, we added the News and Updates feature, to keep them updated of the latest events and happenings in the university.